Transforming Asset Tracking Across Industries with Cassia Networks Gateways

In the digital era, efficient asset management is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage across various industries. Cassia Networks gateways are at the forefront of this transformation, offering robust Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities that enhance asset tracking and management. Industry Applications: Construction: In construction, precise tracking of tools and machinery enhances operational efficiency and security.…

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How Cassia Networks is Revolutionizing Industrial Condition Monitoring

In the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial operations, the shift toward digital monitoring systems has highlighted significant challenges in scalability and the efficiency of traditional wired and Bluetooth connections. These limitations, primarily in the form of short-range, one-to-one connections, have prompted a search for more robust solutions capable of supporting the expansive needs of modern…

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Revolutionizing Predictive Maintenance with Cassia Networks: A Path to Optimized Operations

In the evolving landscape of industrial maintenance, the shift towards predictive and condition-based maintenance represents a significant leap forward. This paradigm, empowered by the advanced capabilities of Cassia Networks’ Bluetooth gateways and Access Controller, is reshaping how businesses approach the upkeep of their machinery and equipment. Through the strategic collection of data and its sophisticated…

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Reducing the Risk and Cost of Gas and Compressed Air Leaks

Companies across industries are increasingly mindful of energy efficient solutions, therefore frequent energy audits are becoming an industry standard. Some of the most expensive utilities that require monitoring are compressed air and gases such as nitrogen and argon (Gorelick and Bandes 2011; Patil and Rickert 2020). The cost per unidentified air leak may vary between…

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Medical Asset Management and Patient Monitoring with Bluetooth Gateways

The healthcare industry has been transformed by indoor asset tracking. Not only is indoor tracking technology important for locating equipment and supplies, but is also  critical in locating people and accurately accessing medical data (Fahim et al. 2020). Real-time locationing is becoming increasingly important for the global healthcare asset management market estimated to grow to…

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Preventive Maintenance through Ultrasound Technologies

Ultrasound is becoming an increasingly important technology for condition monitoring. According to MaintWorld, it could be considered as “first line of defense” against bearing failures. There are multiple reasons for bearing failures, mainly having to do with lubrication. Lack of proper lubrication starts causing friction levels to rise. Friction creates ultrasound emissions, however, instead of…

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Enterprise Bluetooth IoT Solutions

Scale your IoT deployments with ease and flexibility with Cassia’s full product suite of advanced Bluetooth gateways and IoT solutions