Condition Monitoring for Specialized Industries

  The machining processes have become a common standard in any manufacturing industry and therefore, machine-tool maintenance is vital to ensuring the sustainability of both machine tools and manufacturing processes. It is commonly known that machining operation must be maintained for a long time in every period to achieve high productivity and prevent sudden failure…

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Most Challenging Aspects of Building Management Tackled Successfully with Bluetooth Technology

There are things we typically take for granted like availability and functionality of communal bathrooms, whether those are situated in workplace, airplanes, dorms, or malls (Callahan 2022). However, this important task does not only include public health concerns, but also staff retention. According to Bowman (2015), turnover is a serious problem in custodial services “with…

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Importance of Timely Fever Detection and Reduction for Critically Ill Patients – Use of Bluetooth Technology

Body temperature is an important vital sign that could signal critical changes in the body. Fever, or an increase in the body’s temperature, can happen due to a “physiological process brought about by infectious causes or non-infections causes such as inflammation, malignancy, or autoimmune processes” (Swetha et al., 2022). Closely observing this vital sign is…

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Food Safety and Cold-Chain Management Done Wisely

Food safety is often taken for granted. We typically assume that the food we conveniently purchase at supermarkets is safe to consume. However, according to a recent study conducted by the United Nations, “14 percent of all food produced for human consumption is lost before it even reaches consumer” (United Nations 2023). Therefore, more effort…

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Warehouse Temperature and Environment Management

Changes in industrial manufacturing, the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies and a heightened awareness that growth is only possible if it is sustainable (Ullo and Sinha 2020), have had a direct impact on supply and cold chain management. With these changes, the traditional role of a warehouse as a location where inventory was stored in…

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Cold-Chain Management Revolutionized with Bluetooth Gateways

Cold-chain management monitoring with Bluetooth gateways and sensors has revolutionized the way industries handle the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive products. This technology offers real-time visibility and control over the entire cold-chain process, ensuring that products remain within specified temperature ranges and reducing the risk of spoilage, degradation, or contamination. Here’s how the combination of…

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Enterprise Bluetooth IoT Solutions

Scale your IoT deployments with ease and flexibility with Cassia’s full product suite of advanced Bluetooth gateways and IoT solutions