Enterprise Bluetooth IoT Solutions

Scale your IoT deployments with ease and flexibility with Cassia’s full product suite of advanced Bluetooth gateways and IoT solutions

Explore Cassia's Key Benefits for Today's IoT Enterprises

Cassia Networks provides the following key advantages for today’s IoT enterprises:

  • Seamless Bluetooth coverage for cost-effective IoT deployments
  • Easy deployment and management of hundreds of gateways and thousands of devices from one centralized interface
  • Bluetooth locationing for precise tracking of people and assets
  • End-to-end security and centralized management of IoT environments from anywhere in the world
  • Industry agnostic IoT products to allow solution providers and device manufacturers to connect any Bluetooth device to Cassia’s Bluetooth Low Energy gateways and/or AC without having to modify the software and/or hardware of the end devices
  • Reduce costs and improve ROI for enterprise IoT deployments
Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Cassia’s long-range Bluetooth gateways and IoT solutions help today’s industrial device manufacturers and solution providers deploy their large-scale Industrial IoT applications.

Digital Health

Cassia works closely with medical device manufacturers and health solution providers to provide integrated Digital Health IoT solutions

integrated Bluetooth IoT Beacon solutions

Personnel & Asset Tracking

Cassia’s enterprise Bluetooth gateways provide seamless coverage and long range connectivity for people and asset tracking applications.