Bluetooth Gateways for Personnel & Asset Tracking

Connect Bluteooth Low Energy Asset Tracking beacons and more with Cassia’s Bluteooth Low Energy Gateways

Cassia’s Bluetooth gateways are uniquely designed to increase the number of beacons and tags used in personnel & asset tracking application scenarios. Pair and connect multiple Bluteooth Low Energy beacons and tags using a single Cassia gateway.

How are personnel & asset tracking Bluetooth beacons deployed?

Cassia’s patented long-range Bluetooth gateways allow for multiple device connections in broadcast mode (several hundred) which increases the beacon-to-gateway “connection density” in a given area. Cassia’s Bluetooth gateways connect to more asset tracking beacons at a greater range. The result: more Bluetooth beacons and tags can be deployed, improving overall efficiency and at a lower cost.

How are Personnel & Asset Tracking Bluetooth solution costs decreased?

Cassia’s long-range Bluetooth gateways provide seamless coverage and connectivity. Since fewer gateways are needed to cover large areas, the result is reduced deployment and equipment costs.  Additionally, Cassia’s Bluetooth Gateways reduce the processing costs for beacon data by moderating the amount of information that is sent to the cloud.

How are Personnel & Asset Tracking Bluetooth management and end-user experience improved?

Personnel & Asset Tracking Bluetooth beacons and tags are being used in various emerging markets such as Smart Retail, Digital Health  and IIoT. Cassia’s unique and comprehensive enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions provide today’s leading solution providers with the tools they need to scale their locationing applications. With Cassia’s IoT Access Controller, end-users can remotely manage all Bluteooth Low Energy devices from one centralized dashboard. The result: reduces overall costs while providing the end-user with an improved asset tracking management experience.

Long-range Bluetooth and Beacons: Achieving Reliability and Seamless Connectivity

Early deployments of asset tracking Bluetooth beacons had many limitations. Poor range and legacy management systems used to analyze beacon data were just some of the challenges facing end-users. Furthermore, the inconsistencies in detecting asset tracking Bluetooth beacons were a result of smartphone OS-based range capabilities, and signal fluctuations due to changes in environmental factors.

Depending on the unique environment and end goals for a beacon program, Cassia’s Bluetooth gateways provide the end-user with seamless long-range coverage and multiple device connectivity.

Personnel & Asset tracking Bluetooth beacons aren’t just for retail anymore

Asset tracking Bluetooth beacons are deployed in arenas, airports, concert halls, stadiums, schools, factories and more. Beacons gather “proximity” data and use this data in these environments. The cost to deploy and maintain asset tracking Bluetooth beacons, gateways and management systems in these scenarios can be expensive. By deploying a cost-effective management system using Cassia’s long-range Bluetooth gateways and IoT Access Controller, end-users benefit from improved efficiency as well as reduced deployment and equipment costs.