Digital Health IoT Connectivity

Digital Health IoT Connectivity Solutions

The future of health is is now digital. Wearable medical devices and sensors are being used in hospitals and clinics worldwide to track and monitor patient health. By leveraging the power of Bluetooth technology, not only are costs reduced but the quality of patient care is significantly improved.

Cassia’s Bluetooth gateways (E1000 and S2000 gateways) are being used in hospitals, clinics, and in-home use to enable today’s smart hospitals with the wireless connectivity they need to deploy at scale.

Connectivity is Power

Medical professionals using digital technology need seamless connectivity at all times. They rely on accurate, reliable data. Cassia Networks is at the forefront of Bluetooth connectivity for IoT. Our enterprise gateways are designed to help smart health device manufacturers scale their digital health IoT applications.

Smart Health IoT Connectivity

Today, competitive smart health manufacturers and solution providers are delivering innovative IoT solutions using easy-to-use, long-range Bluetooth IoT connectivity that is reliable, easy to use and cost-effective. In an era driven by high medical demands and patient care needs, healthcare providers must provide quality care for their patients while still ensuring an ROI for their business.

Smart healthcare manufacturers are using Cassia’s gateways and IoT Access controller to overcome the scalability and flexibility challenges with legacy technologies. Cassia’s gateways and IoT Access Controller offers the following benefits:

  • Improved end user experience: Cassia’s gateways are easy to use, easy to setup and provide multiple device connectivity.
  • Reduce cost: Eliminate the high cost of monthly data fees and/or installing a costly infrastructure. Competitive smart health solutions use low-cost, low-power devices that use an organization’s existing infrastructure.
  • Standardization: Bluetooth Low Energy’s worldwide standardization and massive installed base and eco-system reduces costs at every stage of development and deployment.
  • Improved Range: Wearables using low-power solutions suffer from short range, limiting the mobility for end-users. Cassia’s gateways provide the long range connectivity needed for today’s smart health device manufacturers.
  • Low power: Bluetooth is low power and more energy efficient allowing today’s device manufactureres to scale their IoT solutions.

Cassia works closely with smart medical equipment manufacturers and health solution providers to provide integrated Digital Health solutions for both medical staff and end users.

  • Cassia’s gateways connect to multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices including connectivity to smart health monitoring devices in a patient’s home, or in a hospital. Examples include continous vital sign monitoring devices, blood pressure, glucose monitors, heart rate monitors, and much more.
  • Cassia’s gateways are used to track healthcare assets like beds and wheelchairs for inventory management, real-time locationing, and loss prevention.
  • Our gateways collect data from Bluetooth monitoring devices or tracked assets and sends the data to an Internet-based application in real-time
  • Easy-to-Use – patients do not need to use a tablet or smartphone to capture data.
  • Mobility – Patients can freely move throughout their home, or in a clinical environment. Cassia’s gateways increase the range of connectivity to monitoring devices up to 1000+ feet in an open space or three-wall penetration.
  • Multiple Device Support – Bi-directional connection and control of up to 40-Bluteooth Low Energy monitoring devices simultaneously, and/or listen to hundreds of devices in Broadcast mode.
  • Data Collection – Collect patient vital signs, or asset information without the need of an in-home care provider or costly routine patient checks
  • Low Cost – minimal, one-time cost of hardware and low monthly software access controller (device management) fee; reduces the number of hospitalizations,  lengths of stay in hospitals; as well as asset management and loss.
  • Stable Environment – devices stay connected to Cassia’s gateways at a distance
  • Quality Care – Improves medical staff’s ability to diagnose health conditions resulting in lower treatment costs and higher patient satisfaction.

In-Facility Monitoring (Hospital/Clinic)

  • Cassia’s Bluetooth routers connect and control multiple smart health monitoring devices
  • The gateway collects data from Bluteooth Low Energy monitoring devices and sends data to the internet or local server
  • Medical staff can monitor several devices and receive data in real-time from multiple users simultaneously
  • Continuous Monitoring – Monitor multiple patients at the same time and provide doctors and care staff easy access to data in real-time
  • Seamless Coverage – Cassia’s long-range Bluetooth routers can provide complete coverage in a hospital environment; allowing patients to move freely throughout the hospital and remain connected to monitoring solutions
  • Easy Deployment / Management – Cassia IoT access controller (AC) software allows for easy setup and management of hundreds of Bluetooth routers and thousands of Bluteooth Low Energy devices for seamless coverage.
  • Easy-to-use – Simplifies patient and medical personnel data collection. Replaces costly tablets and iPads used as gateways, resulting in improved compliance and quality of data
  • Higher Performance – the range of smart health monitoring devices is increased up to 1000+ feet open space or three walls of penetration.
  • Multiple Device Monitoring – bi-directional, connection and control of up to 40-Bluteooth Low Energy devices per long-range Bluetooth router simultaneously, or listen to hundreds of devices in Broadcast mode
  • Low Cost – minimal, one-time cost of hardware and low monthly AC software fee allowing for minimized hospital visits and readmissions
  • Stable Environment – devices stay connected to Cassia’s long range Bluetooth routers at a distance for seamless coverage
  • Security – end-to-end device security supported
  • Bluetooth Locationing – track patient movements throughout a facility for faster responses to emergencies situations, improving patient outcomes
  • Data Collection – collects patient vital signs reducing costs of registered nursing staff