Bluetooth IoT: Easy, Scalable and Secure.

Connectivity is an ongoing challenge for IoT. For enterprise organizations and IoT solution providers, the broad connectivity challenges include:

  1. Interoperability
  2. Scalability
  3. Security

Cassia Networks solves the above challenges with our advanced Bluetooth Low Energy gateways and IoT Access Controller.

Connectivity Challenges at the Center of IoT

In IoT, the “connectivity” layer is at the center of these challenges. The lack of team communication and/or radio frequency (RF) range presents several connectivity issues. Many of today’s specific IoT connectivity technologies include the use of tablets and cell phones as gateways, cellular LPWAN and Wi-Fi to name a few. However, they all have significant IoT limitations.

  • Tablets are costly and not designed for widespread IoT connectivity adaptation.
  • Wi-Fi’s high power demands and lack of sensor options compared to low-power options simply doesn’t scale with a  return on investment (ROI).

Dissatisfaction with current IoT Connectivity

Today’s IoT developers are abandoning older connectivity options like pads, tablets, and Raspberry Pi and seeking new ways to lower costs and still scale their IoT applications. While cellular low power wide area networks (LPWANs) promises are alluring, it bypasses existing infrastructure. Moreover, many organizations hesitate to adopt LPWANs because of monthly fees, additional layers of infrastructure, proprietary protocols and lack of worldwide standardization.

Today's IoT Industries are Adopting Bluetooth Technology

Todays’s IoT industries, like Industrial IoT and Digital Health, are maturing quickly and need to operate efficiently. Bluetooth technology is now being recognized as the go-to wireless connectivity solution for today’s IoT enterprises.

Why Bluetooth?

  1. Low Cost
  2. Worldwide Standardization
  3. Long Range Capabilities
  4. One-to-Many connections

Redefining what is possible with Bluetooth

Cassia’s series of ground-breaking patents are focused on bringing ROI to the center of IoT connectivity. Cassia’s patented long-range Bluetooth gateways deliver one-to-many connections and Cassia’s IoT Access Controller (AC) supports a patented Bluetooth Roaming technology.

Bluetooth IoT: The “go to” IoT Connectivity Option

Cassia’s Enterprise IoT products and solutions provide the scalability, flexibility and security needed for today’s device manufacturers and IoT solution providers. With Cassia’s long-range Bluetooth Low Energy gateways and powerful IoT Access Controller, today’s enterprises benefit from reduced costs and greater ROI.