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Please note, Cassia does not sell Bluetooth Gateways for consumer applications such as home speakers, headphones, laptops or other personal peripherals.

Cassia S2000

Enterprise IoT Bluetooth Gateway (POE; indoor)

  • Long range Bluetooth gateway
  • Multiple bi-directional connectivity
  • Seamless Bluetooth coverage
  • Supports Bluetooth Roaming
  • Easy deployment and management with Cassia IoT Access Controller (AC)
  • Bluetooth locationing
  • Remote access and control
  • Cassia SDK integration into a native app or server software
  • Pure Scan feature improves scan capability which is ideal for environments with high background noise and situations requiring a large number of sensors

Product Information

  • The Cassia S2000 Bluetooth gateway is designed for cost-effective deployments in indoor enterprise locations, including: industrial, hospitals, clinics, senior centers, schools, gyms, and retail.
  • Attaches to the ceiling or wall with an included mounting kit or can be easily placed on a desktop or counter space.
  • Receives power from a standard Micro-USB adapter or over Ethernet. It is easily deployed, providing flexible setup
  • Connects to the internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or 3G/4G USB dongle
  • Extends Bluetooth’s range up to 1000 feet and expands the number of devices that can be paired and connected up to 20 Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
  • Listens to hundreds of Bluetooth Low Energy devices if put into listening mode.
  • The S2000 acts as a protocol gateway translating Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and IP protocol. This enables Bluetooth Low Energy devices to be accessed over the Internet from a remote location.
  • Cassia SDK integration into a native app or server software enables connectivity between proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy devices to the S2000 Bluetooth gateway. Important: No changes are required in the Bluetooth end devices.
  • Cassia’s IoT Access Controller (AC) enables solution providers to deploy and manage hundreds of Cassia E1000 gateways and thousands of their connected devices from a single easy-to-use user interface.

Technical Specifications

  • Radio Frequency – The Cassia S2000 supports and follows the *Bluteooth Low Energy 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2, 5 compliance standards:
    – Working frequency: ISM band 2.400 ~ 2.483 GHz
    – Duplex mode: full duplex, time division duplex (TDD)
    * Note: Bluteooth Low Energy 5.0 compliant
  • Bluetooth RF –
    – TX power: 0 to 8dBm
    – RX sensitivity: -105dBm
    – Antenna Gain: 5dBi
  • Multiple Roles -The Cassia S2000 supports peripheral, central, broadcaster and observer roles, and plays multiple roles simultaneously
  • Security Services –
    – Support Bluetooth 4.2 security standards
    – Advanced military grade 128bit AES encryption
  • Networking Connections –
    – Integrated Wi-Fi on 802.11b/g/n,  2.4GHz
    – 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet support
  • Power Interface –
    – Power over Ethernet: 48v DC (nominal) 802.3af/at compliant source
    – Micro-USB, DC 5v, 2.1A- When both power sources are connected and active, PoE takes priority
  • Other Interfaces –
    – Uplink: 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet (RJ-45)
    – USB 2.0 (can be used for 3G/4G dongle)
    – Reset button: Factory reset
  • Bluetooth Locationing – Use with the Cassia AC to report location of Bluetooth Low Energy devices in real time
  • Mechanical – Dimensions with supplied mounting plate: 164 mm (W) x 164 mm (L) x 62 mm (D)(6.46” (W) x 6.46” (L) x 2.44” (D))
  • Environmental –
    – Temperature: 0° C to +40° C (+32° F to +104° F)
    – Humidity: 0% to 90% non-condensing
    Storage and transportation:

    – Temperature: -40° C to +70° C (-40° F to +158° F)
  • Visual Indicators (LEDs) – Wi-Fi / BT / System / Power / Ethernet
  • Mounting – Kit to attach the router to the wall or ceiling is included
  • Certification – FCC (US), IC (Canada), CE (Europe), BQB, REACH, CB, SRRC (China), RoHS, TELEC (Japan)
  • Warranty – 1-year limited warranty