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Cassia Networks' Bluetooth Gateways & IoT Access Controller (AC)


Cassia X1000 Bluetooth Gateway

The enterprise IoT Cassia X1000 is a long-range Bluetooth gateway for indoor and outdoor Bluetooth IoT deployments in hospitals, clinics, senior centers, schools, stadiums, gyms, malls, and other locations.


Cassia E1000 Bluetooth Gateway

Cassia Networks’ E1000 long-range Bluetooth gateways extend BLE range up to 1000 feet. Pair and connect up to 40 Bluteooth Low Energy devices using a single Cassia E1000 gateway. Ideal for Digital Health IoT.

Cassia IoT Access Controller

The Cassia AC solution enables seamless deployment and management of hundreds of Bluetooth gateways, and monitoring of thousands of connected devices in an enterprise environment from one centralized interface.

Cassia S2000 Bluetooth Gateway

Cassia’s S2000 Bluetooth Gateways are uniquely designed for indoor IoT environments. The S2000 gateway can pair and connect up to 20 Bluteooth Low Energy devices at once and extend Bluetooth’s range up to 1000 feet.

Cassia X2000 Bluetooth Gateway

Cassia’s X2000 Bluetooth gateway is ideal for both indoor and outdoor Bluetooth IoT deployments in manufacturing facilities, school and corporate campuses, ship yards and outdoor plant facilities

ATX2000 Gateway

Cassia ATX2000 Bluetooth Gateway for Hazardous Areas

Cassia’s ATX2000 Bluetooth gateway is uniquely designed for hazardous areas and is IP66 and NEMA 4 rated. This gateway is fully certified for all hazardous area enviroments.

Bluetooth IoT Products & Solutions to Enable Reliable and Secure Connectivity

Cassia Networks offers industry leading long-range Bluetooth gateways and an IoT Access Controller (AC) to enable seamless deployment and management of hundreds of Bluetooth gateways from one centralized interface.

Cassia’s ATX2000 is a long-range Bluetooth gateway designed for hazardous areas. It features an IP66 and NEMA 4 rated ruggedized enclosure for Zone 2, 22 and Division 2 hazardous areas.

The X2000 Enterprise Bluetooth IoT gateway is optimized for Industrial IoT and extends Bluetooth range up to 400 m with Bluetooth 4 and up to 1 km with Bluetooth 5 in open space.

The E1000 Bluetooth IoT gateway can pair and connect up to 40 end devices in bi-directional mode. Ideal for digital health IoT solutions.

The S2000 Bluetooth IoT gateway provides cost-effective long-range Bluetooth networking and connectivity for up to 20 end devices in bi-directional mode and hundreds of end devices in listening mode.

With a compact, cost-effective design, the E1000 and S2000 include Power over Ethernet (PoE) and are designed for indoor enterprise Bluetooth networking applications. These gateways can be easily mountable on a wall, ceiling or placed on a shelf or counter.

Cassia’s X1000 Bluetooth gateway (PoE) can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments and is IP65 certified.

All long-range Bluetooth gateways listen to hundreds of devices when in listening mode and can act as an internet gateway in conjunction with Cassia’s IoT Access Controller (AC) allowing end users remote access and control of their end devices.


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