Temperature and Environment Monitoring

Choosing the right solution for temperature and environment monitoring is a daunting task. It involves factors such as security, cost, reliability, scalability and sustainability. Your solution should also be flexible enough to be used in varied conditions and applied to complex environments.

Current Solutions and Their Limitations

Manual temperature monitoring as well as wired temperature monitoring have its limitations. Manual temperature monitoring is not continuous and does not happen in real time, which poses several risks. It is extremely difficult for the personnel to manage temperature-sensitive goods such as fresh food and medicine without real-time alerts; therefore, goods can get damaged due to unreliable temperature monitoring.

Furthermore, wired temperature monitoring solutions are quite costly and inflexible. This makes them difficult to scale and manage. As a result, temperature monitoring can be an expensive and arduous process.

Wireless Temperature and Environmental Monitoring Solution

Cassia Networks offers a total wireless temperature and environment-monitoring solution package which includes sensors, gateways, IoT Access Controller, and an application software platform.

Cassia Networks Solution Advantages

Real-Time Monitoring

Automatic Alarm

Reduced Loss of Goods

Flexible and Scalable


Cost Effective

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Real-World Applications

Cold-Chain Management

Enables real-time temperature monitoring inside grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops to ensure food and drink quality.

Medicine Temperature Monitoring

Enables real-time medicine temperature monitoring inside hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, and during transportation.

Ocean Shipping – EV Battery Temperature Monitoring

Enables real time battery temperature monitoring for electrical vehicles during ocean shipment to reduce fire risk.

Temperature and Environmental Monitoring for Warehouses

Allows for real-time temperature and environmental monitoring of goods stored at warehouses.

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Cassia Networks Gateways and Management System

Sensors - provided by ZenMeasure

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