Control your devices anywhere in your Home


What is the Cassia Hub?

The Cassia Hub Bluetooth Router liberates your Bluetooth devices from the limitations of short range and one-to-one device pairing. You can now control multiple devices all at the same time and at a distance.

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1. Why do I need a Bluetooth Router?

Ever wished Bluetooth was as easy as your WiFi network? With a Bluetooth Router like the Cassia Hub, it can be. It's a simple and practical way to control Bluetooth devices like speakers or smart bulbs from anywhere in your home. Using Bluetooth at home was never this easy, or this powerful.

Pair and connect devices to the hub

2. Move Freely Through Your Home

Move freely throughout your home without losing connection to your Bluetooth devices. With extended range, you can control your Bluetooth devices from your favorite spot in any room.

Control devices throughout the home

3. Connect to Multiple Devices

Depending on the type of device, the Cassia Hub can stay paired and connected to up to 22 devices. You can organize your Bluetooth devices into groups for easy access and control.

Click here for a list of compatible devices.

Smart home applications

4. Stream Music with Cassia BlueStream

Stream music to up to 3 individual or 3 pairs of Bluetooth speakers.  Use Cassia BlueStream to listen to music from your favorite apps from any Bluetooth device.