Cassia Networks

Cassia Networks builds next generation IoT solutions that are transforming how businesses and consumers experience IoT environments. By extending the range and functionality of Bluetooth, our solutions solve the key challenges of wireless connectivity and unlock the power of the IoT for all. Led by serial entrepreneur and wireless technology veteran Felix Zhao, Cassia is committed to building groundbreaking IoT products that enable IoT environments that work.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and Beijing, Cassia Networks is made up of a group of talented individuals from some of the top internet and communications companies like Google, Cisco, Tencent, Aruba, Roku, and Facebook.


Best of CES 2016

Winners of Imagine Blue Awards 2017

2016 ACE Awards Finalists

CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree

News & Events

Webinar: Cassia Networks, long-range Bluetooth IoT
When 3/4s of IoT projects are failing, according to a May 2017 Cisco study, how do you beat the odds and achieve success in a fragmented Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem?
Visit Cassia Networks, Booth 16, at Bluetooth Asia 2017 (#BluetoothEvents)
Sept. 26-27, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center: Cassia Networks patented and award-winning technology, transforms the nature of Bluetooth, from a short-range, point solution, into a complete, long-range, multi-connectivity, enterprise-level Bluetooth Internet of Things (IOT) solution.
Cassia Networks invites you to IOTSWC -Barcelona
Oct. 2-6, demonstrating real-world long-range Bluetooth connectivity use cases.
Cassia secures patent for long-range Bluetooth
Long-range Bluetooth patent granted to Cassia Networks extends the communication range from a Cassia Bluetooth Router to a Bluetooth device up to a thousand feet. - Courtney Bjorlin | Sep 11, 2017

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