“The partnership between Cassia and PMD Solutions enabled the implementation of a remote monitoring solution that met the needs of both patients and healthcare providers. A simple deployment of remote monitoring ensures that by making every breath count, the right patient received the right care at the right time. An effective and safe remote monitoring…

“With the help of Cassia’s long-range gateways and Bluetooth technology, we were able to rapidly deploy our patient monitoring solution for the hospital during these challenging times. Also, the ability to collect real-time patient data via a single Cassia gateway from multiple BX100 sensors provides tremendous value for the care teams.”

“Cassia understood what we needed. They actively helped us build our Telehealth Platform that works flawlessly in the background, without burdening patients and their healthcare providers with technology. The ability to collect time-series of patient-generated health data wirelessly from multiple sensors gives our young company a huge lead over traditional, smartphone-based patient monitoring solutions.”

“With Cassia’s technology, ABB can leverage the long-range Bluetooth connectivity we need to provide our customers a flexible solution to monitor the condition of critical assets as well as analyze relevant data for predictive maintenance.”

“Long-range Bluetooth technology saves our site implementation costs by 60%. Cassia Networks is a core enabler to affordable smart elderly care.”

“With Cassia’s X1000 Bluetooth gateway and IoT Access Controller, SX3 provides our customers a flexible and scalable solution for monitoring the condition of assets resulting in reduced downtime and greater cost savings. Cassia has been instrumental in the success of SX3 and the SX3 Enterprise IIoT platform. They have been very supportive and collaborative in…

“Flexible and scalable technology solutions are cornerstones of responding quickly to an outbreak of infectious disease. The ability to collect real-time patient data via a single Cassia gateway from multiple VivaLNK sensors in multiple rooms provides tremendous value for these clinical centers.”