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Support Documents


What is the process for getting started with the Cassia SDK?

  • To get started, please contact David Grove from Cassia Networks Business Development Team by sending an email to
  • You will be required execute a Mutual Non-disclosure agreement with Cassia and schedule a phone conversation to discuss your potential use of our Cassia Bluetooth technology. 
  • Partners wishing to move forward with the SDK will order an enterprise Bluetooth Router from Cassia or an authorized resale partner. 
  • Cassia will provide partners with developer credentials and the documentation to get started with integrating the Cassia SDK into the partners native app or cloud server.

What types of partner relationships are available with Cassia Networks?

Cassia Networks is open to a variety of different types of partnerships.  Our goal is support you with a solution that best meets your business needs.

  • Reseller and distribution agreements
  • Co-branded solutions
  • Technology integration and licensing agreements

What can I do with the Cassia SDK?

The Cassia SDK allows our partners to connect their proprietary BLE devices to the Cassia Bluetooth router. Once connected, the Cassia Bluetooth router acts an internet gateway and syncs the BLE device data to the cloud. 

How can I purchase a Cassia Enterprise Router?

Please contact for the latest pricing and availability information.

How can I setup the S1000, S1100 or X1000 with the Cassia IoT Access Controller (AC)?

For additional assistance, please contact Cassia Networks Customer Care by sending an email to