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Cassia announces a new suite of Bluetooth IoT products for enterprise applications. This product suite, which includes enterprise-level Bluetooth routers, an IoT access controller and a developer SDK, will solve many of the challenges of enterprise IoT adoption and development.
Until now, lack of standardization and interoperability issues across wireless technology have been a major obstacle to IoT market growth. By improving the functionality of Bluetooth so that it can work across greater distances and a wide variety of products, Cassia Network is backing Bluetooth as the ubiquitous wireless technology. In doing so, the company is solving two of the most fundamental barriers to IoT market entry – the cost and difficulty of deploying large-scale IoT environments that work.

Bluetooth IoT Solutions

Cassia's Bluetooth Router solutions can be used widely in a variety of Bluetooth and IoT market segments, including: medical & health, fitness & sports, audio streaming, senior safety, retail, education, and a variety of industrial applications. Cassia is excited to work with you to provide innovative Bluetooth and IoT solutions. Click on one of the Solution titles below for further details.

Medical & Health
Cassia Networks enables in-hospital and remote patient monitoring of Bluetooth devices
Fitness & Sports
Cassia Networks enables teams and group sporting activities to monitor the overall performance and fitness level of their Athletes
Audio Streaming
Create a multi-speaker, multi-audio stream solution using Cassia Networks Bluetooth Router technology with your Bluetooth speakers.
Senior Safety
Cassia's long range Bluetooth routers and Personal Safety Sensors provide complete coverage throughout an entire Senior Living facility.


The Cassia enterprise product suite includes three Bluetooth routers – the S1000, S1100 and X1000. With a compact, cost-effective design, the S1000 (non POE) and S1100 (POE) routers are optimized for indoor applications, pair up to 8 Bluetooth low energy devices simultaneously, and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or simply placed on a desk or counter. The X1000 (POE) can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, pair up to 22 Bluetooth low energy devices simultaneously, and offers enhanced functionality. All three routers can listen to hundreds of devices if put into listening mode and can act as an internet gateway working with the Cassia IoT Access Controller (AC) so that users have remote access and control of their end devices.

For a detailed list of product features and technical specifications, please click on one of the links below.

Cassia SDK

The Cassia Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables 3rd party developers and device manufacturers to utilize Cassia's Bluetooth routing and extended range technology with their Bluetooth LE devices.

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FAQ's & Support

What is the process for getting started with the Cassia SDK?
  • To get started, please contact someone from our Business Development Team by sending an email to
  • We will have you execute a Mutual Non-disclosure agreement with Cassia and schedule a phone conversation to discuss your potential use case for Cassia Technology. 
  • Partners wishing to move forward with the SDK will order an enterprise Bluetooth Router from Cassia. 
  • Cassia will provide partners with developer credentials and the documentation to get started with the SDK.
What type of architecture is the SDK built on?

The SDK is built using RESTful API's

Do I have to connect to a cloud to use this solution?

No, the Cassia SDK resides both on the cloud as well as on the Bluetooth Router itself. This allows you to access your local BLE devices data from a local network or from the cloud. 

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