IoT Senior Care Solutions

IoT senior care solution providers are currently leveraging the advantages of Bluetooth. However, many find the scalability of their IoT senior care solutions constrained by Bluetooth range and one-to-one connectivity. Moreover, senior care professionals note, connectivity – to care and caring people – is at the core of improving IoT senior care. With that in mind, Cassia Networks’ connectivity innovation – long-range Bluetooth and one-to-many Bluetooth capabilities – is providing seamless connectivity at the core of IoT senior care.

IoT Senior Care: Challenges Ahead

Deployment of IoT senior care solutions based on traditional IoT connectivity options is complicated by high-costs, power requirements, battery life, ease-of-use issues, regulatory requirements, and a need for customization for seniors with physical limitations. Meanwhile, the need for IoT senior care solutions is growing quickly as the population of seniors grows.

Ultimately, the promise of IoT senior care solutions is the delivery of better senior care to seniors. Cassia Networks long-range Bluetooth IoT connectivity and analytic capabilities are enabling IoT senior care solution providers with the ease and flexibility needed to deploy at scale.

Senior Mobility: Long-range Bluetooth Connectivity

Due to its long battery life, ultra-light, low cost, and worldwide standardization, Bluteooth Low Energy is a preferred IoT senior care solution for: smart wearables, remote diagnostics, emergency responder monitoring and response, and smart senior homes and communities. Moreover, as a worldwide standard, Bluetooth is easy to customize and is shipped yearly in the billions: in phones, computers, pads, tablets, and sensors, driving innovation in elder care.

And yet, Bluetooth’s previous range and one-to-one connectivity limitations, were constraints to scalability of IoT senior care solutions, and the mobility of seniors.

Long-range Bluetooth IoT Senior Care Solutions

Cassia Networks’ enterprise long-range Bluteooth Low Energy gateways provides the following advantages for senior care IoT solution providers:

  • 1000 feet of range, three walls of penetration,
  • bi-directional pairing up to 40 devices, and in broadcast mode several hundred devices

Cassia Networks works closely with senior living facilities and IoT healthcare solution providers to provide connected health solutions for both assisted living facilities and end users. By eliminating the limitations of Bluetooth, Cassia’s long-range Bluetooth gateways, and IoT access controller (AC), IoT senior care solution providers can deliver an advanced IoT solution to improve ROI.

Senior Safety Monitoring

How to Use
  • Cassia’s long-range Bluetooth gateways connects to smart health monitoring devices developed by IoT senior care solution providers
  • The long-range Bluetooth gateway collects data from  Bluetooth monitoring devices and sends the data to the Internet or a local server, and an application.
  • A senior care professional or registered nurse (RN) monitors device data in real-time from multiple users simultaneously
  • Continuous Monitoring – ability to monitor multiple seniors at the same time and provide caregivers and medical staff easy access to data in real-time
  • Seamless Coverage – Cassia’s enterprise Bluetooth gateways completely cover a senior care or assisted living facility
  • Mobility – Seamless coverage allows seniors to move freely throughout their living space or care facility and remain connected to a monitoring solution at all times
  • Easy Deployment / Management – Cassia IoT’s access controller (AC) software platform provides easy setup and management of hundreds of Bluetooth routers and thousands of end monitoring devices
  • Easy-to-Use – Senior don’t need to use costly, complicated tablets or iPads to capture data
  • Compliance improvements – Seamless, real-time data gathering automates and improves compliance
  • Higher Performance – wireless health monitoring devices is increased up to 1000+ feet open space or 3 home wall penetration
  • Multiple Device Monitoring – connect and control up 40-Bluteooth Low Energy devices per gateway, or listen to hundreds of devices in Broadcast mode
  • Reduced Costs – longer range increases “connection density” lowering IoT senior care solution costs
  • Security – end-to-end device security supported
  • Bluetooth Locationing – track senior movement throughout a facility for quick emergency responses
  • Data Collection – remotely collect patient vital signs without the need of a registered nurse