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What is the Cassia SDK?

Even when Bluetooth emerges as the ubiquitous wireless technology, device makers and customers still face interoperability issues between products and software profiles. With the Cassia SDK, developers and device manufacturers can incorporate the Cassia SDK into their native app or server software for seamless integration with the Cassia routers and the Cassia IoT Access Controller (AC). This simple deployment process allows developers to connect any Bluetooth low energy product to the Cassia suite of products without having to change the software and hardware of the Bluetooth end devices.

Cassia SDK Features

  • Support of heightened levels of security and real-time, long range (up to 1,000 feet), one-to-many extended range BLE devices communication and control to enable more users across a wide variety of Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Enables remote access to Bluetooth LE devices
  • Compatibility with many mainstream development forms (e.g. Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux etc.) and programming languages (e.g. Java, C#, and node.js, etc.)
  • Easy to implement and no need to modify existing BLE end devices
  • Incorporation with existing Bluetooth vendor and developers’ native apps and servers for more seamless integration
  • Provides partners with the ability to sync their Bluetooth sensor data to the Cloud
  • Developers and manufactures can use their own device app and/or cloud server

Included with the Cassia SDK

  • Easy to use sample code and instructions
  • OAuth key
  • Integration support

SDK documentation for download:

Frequently Asked SDK Questions

What is the process for getting started with the Cassia SDK?

  • To get started, please contact David Grove from Cassia Networks Business Development Team by sending an email to
  • You will be required execute a Mutual Non-disclosure agreement with Cassia and schedule a phone conversation to discuss your potential use of our Cassia Bluetooth technology. 
  • Partners wishing to move forward with the SDK will order an enterprise Bluetooth Router from Cassia or an authorized resale partner. 
  • Cassia will provide partners with developer credentials and the documentation to get started with integrating the Cassia SDK into the partners native app or cloud server.

What can I do with the Cassia SDK?

The Cassia SDK allows our partners to connect their proprietary BLE devices to the Cassia Bluetooth router. Once connected, the Cassia Bluetooth router acts an internet gateway and syncs the BLE device data to the cloud. 

Can I send the data from my Bluetooth LE devices to my own private cloud?

Yes, our SDK allows you to send the BLE device data to anywhere you would like it to go. 

Do I need to connect to the cloud to use this solution?

No, the SDK resides both on the cloud as well as on the Bluetooth Router itself. This allows you to access the data from your BLE devices from a local network or from the cloud. 

What type of architecture is the Cassia SDK based on?

The Cassia SDK uses RESTful API's.