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Bluetooth SIG Announces Finalists for the 2017 Imagine Blue Awards
Submissions highlight next generation Bluetooth® technologies that are driving innovation in the IoT March 07, 2017 09:00 AM Eastern Standard TimeKIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today announced the finalists for the 2017 Bluetooth Imagine Blue Awards, an awards program that recognizes innovative Bluetooth enabled devices with the potential to alter how consumers experience technology in every facet of their lives. Applications for this year’s awards were accepted in two categories – Prototype and Student – and called for thoughtful, next generation solutions that push the boundaries of wireless connectivity.
IoT Leaders Across Industries Set to Take the Stage at Bluetooth World 2017
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) welcomes industry leaders from Indiegogo, Google, Toyota, Garmin, and more as speakers at the fourth annual Bluetooth World event. These top Internet of Things (IoT) innovators will anchor a refreshed Bluetooth World format offering attendees a unique opportunity to experience the power and potential of Bluetooth and see the IoT in action. You can join the Bluetooth SIG, groundbreaking developers, and these industry-leading speakers from 28-29 March 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
Cassia Networks & THINaër Announce Strategic Partnership
Cassia Networks and THINaër are excited to announce their new strategic partnership. Together the companies are providing an IoT healthcare solution that enables the industry to securely tag, track, manage and locate assets in real-time.
Cassia Networks and World Wide Technology Partner for Greater Distribution of IoT Solutions
Strategic Distribution Agreement Expands Access to IoT Enterprise Deployments for Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and more.
Cassia Hub Review: Best Bluetooth Smart Home System with 1,000 Foot Range
GearBrain tests Cassia Networks Bluetooth Router and other connected devices for today's smart
Take A Look At How Technology Makes Smart And Sustainble Farming
Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way into our lives and businesses. According to the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), technology is about more than better and faster, it's also about sustainability. For farmers and ranchers, this translates into how food is grown and raised and the role technology is playing on the farm.
Cassia Networks Launches Groundbreaking IoT Enterprise Solution
Silicon Valley, CA – Dec. 14th, 2016 – Cassia Networks, the company behind the world’s first Bluetooth router, announced today a new suite of IoT products for enterprise applications. This product suite, which includes enterprise-level Bluetooth routers, an IoT access controller and a developer SDK, will solve many of the challenges of enterprise IoT adoption and development.
Cassia Networks on IoT Podcast
Cassia Networks is dedicated to providing customers with the freedom to connect and control Bluetooth® devices throughout the smart home, enterprise, and beyond. Stacey spoke with Van Krueger, VP of U.S. Operations at Cassia Networks, about why Cassia chose to use Bluetooth technology in its products and why interoperability and collaboration are key to achieving this mission.
Congratulations! UBM’s 2016 ACE Awards Finalists Announced
Design News’ parent company, UBM, in partnership with EDN and EETimes, has announced the finalists for the 2016 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards. The awards showcase the best in today’s electronics industry, including the hottest new products, start-up companies, design teams, executives, and more. This year’s winners will be announced during an awards ceremony held Wednesday, Dec. 7, alongside the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Silicon Valley in San Jose, Calif.
Cassia Hub Bluetooth Router, Home & Audio Kit Review
The Cassia Hub Connected Home Kit is composed of four separate devices, and an app. The heart of the system is the Bluetooth router. It manages connections between up to 22 different Bluetooth devices. They offer three different self-branded products: a smart plug, an LED light, and a Bluetooth speaker. But you aren’t just restricted to these objects, as the hub will communicate with any Bluetooth device within its 1000-foot range.
Discover Blue New York City Event Product Reviews – 2016
By : Dr. Adal M. Hussain, Phd (AKA) Dr. Abbey Editor @ Large for World Liberty TV The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and its member companies hosted Discover Blue NYC 2016 , the annual media and demo event in New York City.
Cassia Hub turns your Bluetooth speakers into a SONOS-like whole home audio system
With multi-room wireless audio building in popularity, consumers are faced with two routes when it comes to selecting a speaker system. Do you go with Bluetooth that might be portable or Wi-Fi-connected that offers powerful features?
Add Multiroom Streaming to your Bluetooth Speakers with the Cassia Hub
Wireless multiroom streaming is becoming increasingly prevalent in the realm of consumer audio and it is generally great, but one of the downsides is that most of the time it relies on a Wi-Fi network.
Cassia Hub handles multi-room audio with any Bluetooth speakers
The Bluetooth router's new BlueStream tech works with the audio gear you already own (By Billy Steele of Engadget, 10/11/2016). We first met the Cassia Hub back at CES, a device that offered the similar connectivity to a Wi-Fi router but for Bluetooth. Now the company is announcing a new feature that will allow owners of that Bluetooth "router" a way to connect their wireless speakers for multi-room audio.
Cassia Networks Raises $10.27M Series B Co-Led by IDG-Accel and Everest Capital to Further Enterprise Solutions Offerings
NEW YORK – OCTOBER 11, 2016 – Cassia Networks (, maker of the world's first Bluetooth router, is announcing today at the Bluetooth SIG Discover Blue Conference that it has secured $10.27 million in Series B funding co-led by IDG-Accel and Everest Capital, with participation from China Rock, Social Starts, GCP Venture, Z-park Capital, TEEC Angel, and SumaVision USA. This investment brings the company's total funding to over $13 million. Cassia Networks, which first gained recognition for its Best of CES product, Cassia Hub®, the world’s first long range Bluetooth router, will use the funds to scale operations and support its emerging enterprise solutions offering for a variety of applications including audio, medical & health, senior safety, education, fitness & sports, and other industrial applications.
Back to School Tech Guide 2016
Rabbi Jason Miller - Entrepreneur, Educator, Writer and Technologist - “Rabbi Without Borders”Summer, where have you gone? Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Summer jobs and internships are coming to an end for college students and they’re getting ready to pack their parent’s minivan and move back to school. Lined paper notebooks and yellow highlighters aren’t on the packing list for today’s college students and grad students any more. Previous generations schlepped bulky desktops and tube TVs to campus. Students in 2016 are taking lightweight laptops and tablets along with 3D printers, high end 4K TVs and lightning fast routers.
Cassia Bluetooth Hub Router
Posted By Sandy Berger on Aug 4, 2016 in Audio, Consumer Electronics Everyone has heard of a Wi-Fi router, but a Bluetooth router is an entirely new concept. When Cassia sent me their new Cassia Hub Bluetooth Router, my first question was, “What do I need it for?” After using it for a few weeks, I not only got an answer to that question, but found it to be an intriguing concept.
Consumer Electronics Expert Sandy Berger!
Consumer Electronics Expert Sandy Berger! Listen to radio interview on The Crossmans' Computer America featuring consumer electronics expert Sandy Berger. The Cassia Hub product review starts at: 52 min, 30 sec.
IoT is Getting Much Smarter
Technology is on the brink. For years the consumer technology industry has been promising the ultimate in connectivity, the stuff that would change the way we interact not only with our gadgets, but also with each other. There have been hints of what was to come in the form of wireless security cameras, kitchen appliances and smart apps designed to interface with at-home tech on the go. The buzz showed promise but sometimes did not meet the mainstream consumer interest that once made digital music players and flat-screen TVs so popular—until now.
Cassia Connected Home Kit for Smart Homes
Meet the Cassia Connected Home Kit: a smart home kit with various components to make your life easier. With the Cassia Hub & Cassia Bluetooth stereo speaker, you get to stream music throughout your home. Thanks to the Smart Plug, you can control your appliances and lights remotely. You also get a multi-color LED light to put you in the right mood.
Cassia Leverages Cassia Hub to Optimize Bluetooth Networking
Cassia Networks has introduced Cassia Hub, the world's first Bluetooth router at the 2016 CES event. The Cassia Hub platform employers developers and vendors with the ability to create new applications through the extended range of Bluetooth devices. Several IT giants like Epson, Foxconn, Hupu, Zepp, CiMing and iHealth have started giving their respective inputs in order to develop the Cassia Hub Software Development kit that will enhance the Bluetooth connectivity and Internet of Things experience for the customers.
Cassia Networks Releases SDK for Cassia Hub
SAN FRANCISCO - March 16, 2016 - Cassia Networks (, today at Bluetooth World unveiled its official SDK that will give developers and vendors the ability to create new applications utilizing the extended range for Bluetooth devices that its flagship product, the Cassia Hub, enables. Cassia Networks also announced that it has received early interest from companies like Epson, Foxconn, Hupu, Zepp, CiMing, iHealth and many others, which have started developing on the Cassia Hub SDK to improve the Bluetooth connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) experience for their customers.
Cassia Hub Is the Tool to Make Your Home Smarter
In the modern home we have loads of smart devices for just about every process. We havesmart thermostats that learn our habits, we have smart shower monitors to track our water and energy consumption, and we even have a smart trash can that sweeps up the dirt pile for us. The only thing we don’t have is enough range on our Bluetooth devices to remain connected as we move through the house. But with the Cassia Hub, that all changes.
The Best of CES 2016 in Pictures
Cassia announced what it calls the “world’s first Bluetooth router.” The Cassia Hub uses a proprietary technology developed by a former Cisco and Aruba executive that extends Bluetooth range to 1,000 feet in open space and can control up to 22 devices simultaneously. With the growing list of Bluetooth devices coming into the smart home – from speakers to light bulbs to door locks – the Cassia Hub may become an important technology.
Cassia Networks Awarded Best Connected Home Product Winner of International CES 2016 “BEST OF CES AWARDS”
Las Vegas, NV – January 11, 2016 – Cassia Networks was awarded today on the CES stage at International CES® 2016 as Best Connected Home Product winner of International CES 2016 “Best of CES Awards.” Chosen from thousands of companies appearing at CES 2016, Cassia Networks stood out to Engadget’s editors based on its level of innovation, quality of design, overall efficiency and market demand. Winners were chosen in 16 different categories.
Gadgets : Manage All Your Bluetooth Home Appliances With 'Cassia Hub'
A smart home is always easy to live in. You can turn on the fan or turn off the light without lifting your butt off the couch. But managing them all at a time is a hideous task. This problem is the reason why the Cassia Hubcame into existence. Cassia Hub offers a clever solution by turning all those gadgets into a unified smart home system.
Cassia Networks Unveiled Cassia Hub at CES 2016
Cassia Networks Unveiled Cassia Hub at CES 2016 By JenThorpe Cassia Hub has unveiled the Cassia Hub at CES 2016. Cassia Hub is the world’s first Bluetooth router which uses a new enabling technology that redefines what’s possible with Bluetooth.
Your Smart-Home Network Will Be A Mess
Your smart-home network will be a mess Plan for stress and confusion as smoke detectors, power meters, security cameras and fridges gain brains and then try to interact. by Stephen Shankland - January 8, 2016
Cassia Networks Takes the Blues Out of Long-Range Bluetooth Connectivity
Cassia Networks demonstrated what the company is calling, “the world’s first Bluetooth router which uses a new enabling technology that redefines what’s possible with Bluetooth.” The word router isn’t one that’s normally heard in association with Bluetooth. Nor is the term “long-range”.
CES 2016: Company create 1,000 ft. Bluetooth range Bluetooth
At CES 2016 today Cassia Networks how taken the wraps off a new Bluetooth Router called the Cassia Hub, that has been specifically created to extend the range of Bluetooth connectivity more than 30 times to over 1000 feet.
Cassia Hub – The Bluetooth Router
Access all of your Bluetooth devices and gadgets from a greater distance with Cassia Hub, the Bluetooth router. Working much like a Wi-Fi router, this hub extends the range of your Bluetooth connection up to 1,000 feet in open air and through up to three walls.
The Cassia Hub is Seen at CES 2016 with Unexpected Connectivity Features
Routers inherently utilize WiFi to operate, but the Cassia Hub takes a different approach by incorporating Bluetooth into the mix to help make connectivity more seamless. Able to connect with up to 22 Bluetooth devices at once, the Cassia Hub router will broadcast the Bluetooth connectivity up to 1,000-feet with the ability to even broadcast through up to three walls.
Introducing the Best of CES 2016 Finalists
Our editors have been on the ground for the better part of this week scouring every nook and cranny in Las Vegas to bring you the latest and greatest from CES 2016. And now we're ready to announce to you our finalists for the official Best of CES awards. Below you'll find our selections for all 14 categories, which range from best wearables to the most innovative tech we've seen at the show. We'll announce our category winners tomorrow, which is also when we'll reveal our Best of the Best award recipient, the most coveted prize of them all. That special award is selected from our pool of category winners.
Cassia Networks Unveils New Breakthrough Technology at CES
LAS VEGAS - Jan. 5, 2016 – Today at CES, Cassia Networks unveiled the Cassia Hub, the world’s first Bluetooth router which uses a new enabling technology that redefines what’s possible with Bluetooth. Capable of networking and controlling up to 22 Bluetooth devices, the Cassia Hub also extends the range of Bluetooth communications to 1,000 feet in open space ¾ more than 30 times the standard operating range. The hub also comes with the Cassia mobile app which integrates and automates control of all connected Bluetooth devices both inside and outside the home. Priced at $99.99, the Cassia Hub is available for pre-orders today at and will begin shipping in Q1 2016.